Carnival Ride - Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from my first work, Carnival Ride:

Feeling that he’d teased her enough, he slid the now-drenched panties onto the floor and stared down at her naked form. She was biting her lips and tensing her hands into and out of fists, waiting for him. He smiled and pulled his own pants down to the ground, taking off his shoes and socks in the process. He carefully dropped down above her, looking her in the eyes as he touched his cock gently against her groin. It was slick and warm, waiting for him.

“You sure about this?” he asked with an impish grin, unable to avoid one last tease. “Because we don’t want to rush things, you kn-”

She scowled at him and, instead of answering, pushed him off of her and onto his back. Her hands shot out and held his arms against the bed, restraining him there. He was once again amazed by the slender girl’s strength.

“If you aren’t going to fuck me,” she growled, positioning her pussy against his shaft, “then I’m going to fuck you.”

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