Plugging away as always, no pun intended. I'm currently sprucing up my tentacle stories to put them into a three-part bundle. After that, I may work on Bigfoot's New Mate 5 - I'm not sure yet.

Speaking of Bigfoot's New Mate, it's currently being made into an audiobook. More details as they unfold.

Probably not here though.

I forget to write here.

A lot.

Social Butterfly

I've got a Facebook thing now for those of you who are into that kind of shit.

In other news, I'm on the home stretch of Bigfoot's New Mate 3. Still no new news beyond that!

I'm working on Bigfoot's New Mate 3.

I have nothing else to add other than that.

Thanks for your interest! I love you all. Have a link to this song I've been listening to - or, more specifically, can't stop listening to:

Boy am I bad at this

Just a quick update to make it seem like I'm not completely ignoring this -

The Bred series is dead.  Amazon blocked Bred due to TOS violations, so I had to completely retool the series.  It's now the New Master series, and I feel better about the whole thing.  Hopefully Amazon does too.

There's been a lot of new releases since the last post - Take All of Me and Thicker Than Water are two prime examples.  The former is a straight erotica that features tentacles, and the later is a psuedo-incest lesbian vampire piece.  I highly recommend both - they were a blast to write.  A Captain's Share is publishing as I write this and should be released sometime today or tomorrow.

I'm pretty busy these days, but you can contact me on Twitter at @authorsoichiro almost anytime.  Thanks for your interest, and please continue to stick with me - I'm putting out new works all the time!

Life has been busy.

I'm bad at updating this.

My paranormal story, 'The Other Side', was finished and has been published on Amazon and Smashwords for $1.99.

'Carnival Ride' has been renamed 'The Girl at the Carnival' and is also now selling for $1.99.

'Sea Daze', 'The Girl at the Carnival', and 'My Sister, My Fantasy' have all received new covers.

I'm currently working on my next story, a sequel to 'Sea Daze'.  The tentative title is 'Sea Daze 2:  Nude Beach".  This may or may not be the final working title.

I have a pretty good idea what my next story is going to be, and it's going to be a "taboo" one.

That's pretty much the story since the last post.  If you're somehow getting to this through a venue that is not Twitter, why not follow me there at @authorsoichiro?

Back to writing!


I'm working on something new.  It's a subject I've never delved into before, even not-erotica wise.  It's a paranormal story.


As I always am with new things, I'm a little skeptical of my abilities...but we all have to reinvent ourselves sometimes, don't we?  No one wants to be stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to sex.  I look forward to seeing where this goes, and will plug away at this (no pun intended) for a bit tonight.

Carnival Ride - Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from my first work, Carnival Ride:

Feeling that he’d teased her enough, he slid the now-drenched panties onto the floor and stared down at her naked form. She was biting her lips and tensing her hands into and out of fists, waiting for him. He smiled and pulled his own pants down to the ground, taking off his shoes and socks in the process. He carefully dropped down above her, looking her in the eyes as he touched his cock gently against her groin. It was slick and warm, waiting for him.

“You sure about this?” he asked with an impish grin, unable to avoid one last tease. “Because we don’t want to rush things, you kn-”

She scowled at him and, instead of answering, pushed him off of her and onto his back. Her hands shot out and held his arms against the bed, restraining him there. He was once again amazed by the slender girl’s strength.

“If you aren’t going to fuck me,” she growled, positioning her pussy against his shaft, “then I’m going to fuck you.”

Smashwords has a 25% sample available before purchase.