Boy am I bad at this

Just a quick update to make it seem like I'm not completely ignoring this -

The Bred series is dead.  Amazon blocked Bred due to TOS violations, so I had to completely retool the series.  It's now the New Master series, and I feel better about the whole thing.  Hopefully Amazon does too.

There's been a lot of new releases since the last post - Take All of Me and Thicker Than Water are two prime examples.  The former is a straight erotica that features tentacles, and the later is a psuedo-incest lesbian vampire piece.  I highly recommend both - they were a blast to write.  A Captain's Share is publishing as I write this and should be released sometime today or tomorrow.

I'm pretty busy these days, but you can contact me on Twitter at @authorsoichiro almost anytime.  Thanks for your interest, and please continue to stick with me - I'm putting out new works all the time!


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